Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I Thought This Stuff

This morning, as I turned east on Hwy. 20 at 6:40 AM, I was beyond delighted to see the sun just cresting the horizon. For the first time weeks, no months, I would be arriving at work in almost daylight. In sunlight. Well, that makes me happy and so, in no particular order, it goes on the list:
1.) Starting work in the daylight. It is bliss. 
2.) The smell in the air and the quality of the light after sudden midwestern thunderstorm just before sunset. If you looked up delightful there might be this phenomenon instead of a definition. (If you could somehow make the page glow and smell awesome.)
3.) Those big clouds that aren’t storm clouds but are fluffy on top but flat on the bottom like they’re sitting on glass. Like Under the Dome might have looked but way super-higher up and not in a we’re-all-going-to-die, Stephen King way.
4.) When, all of a sudden, I can hear my mother’s voice in my head-not just remember it. That one feels harder to explain but trust’s wonderful and comes of it’s own volition.
5.) When Orion is starts to descend from the night sky. Orion is winter constellation ‘round here...‘nuff said.
6.) That random day in early spring. That warm day. That stolen day. The day that the air feels like velvet and you don’t need a jacket and the sun is warm even though the shadows might be cool. That day. The day that would cause my dad to inhale deeply and announce: “This is a day the Lord has made!” ..........that day.
7.) Really good mustard. That's all. I just love really good mustard.
I know there are others but these came quickly to mind. What things beyond your own control make you furiously happy?